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I'd like to view multiple JPEG images (scans) like a PDF. If I open one in gwenview, it displays them fitting into the screen, and I cannot really scroll. If I open them in okular, it displays them just like I'd like, but I can't open multiple images and that is not going to change.

Is there any other program out there that might “simulate” a multi page PDF?

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why simulate? why not put them all into one pdf file?

convert *.jpg my_new.pdf

to readjust images there see this post

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This is what I finally ended up doing, since my own multiimage approach was not portable and to cumbersome. Also, I realized it does not make sense to copy functionality that a PDF viewer already offers. – Martin Ueding Jun 8 '12 at 15:42

multiimage displays multiple images as one multi-page document.

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