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I would like to know if I can use Crystal Reports in MonoDevelop. I have a project that was developed in Visual Basic .Net (Windows) and this project is using Crystal Report, so I'd like to use this project in MonoDevelop on Ubuntu 11.04.

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There's a project called MonoReports, which can be found on Github. I've not used it myself, but the README looks promising

Monoreports is a cross-platform (linux/win/mac) report designer and reporting engine for .net/mono It's similar to the CrystalReport (TM) and other tools like that.

I'm not sure if you'll be able to port a CrystalReports project to MonoReports. From what I've read, it doesn't seem possible. I would suggest making a backup of you project and then attempting to open it with MonoReports and see what happens.

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