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I've a small private cloud running on UEC 11.04 and Eucalyptus, and everything works fine. But I still look for a software deployment solution better than writing scripts manually. The new juju seems perfect for my purpose . And even though the official FAQ says it can only support EC2 (currently), I've seen someone has show a environment.yaml containing the OpenStack section.

But when I try it to bootstrap from a similar config, juju will throw HTTP 500 ERROR or still connect to AWS and complained that the access keys is not in records.

So does anyone run juju on OpenStack or Eucalyptus successfully ? I couldn't find any article about it. Or can somebody tell me the main difficult to implement that ?


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It would appear that the success or failure of making juju work with Walrus depends on this bug in txaws:

Its arguable that this is not so much a bug in txaws but a bug in the way walrus is setup, since amazon doesn't have the leading / in their S3 service. So the answer is most likely that to make this work, you need to have Walrus accessible without a leading path.

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