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Is there a way to set in Kubuntu Oneiric keyboard shortcuts to:

  1. Show the desktop (used to be called "toggle showing desktop" in old versions of Kubuntu but now seems to be gone from the preferences).
  2. Run specific programs (e.g. Winkey+e will start Dolphin, Winkey+t will start Konsole, etc.)

Also, is there a way to disable the transparency of the bottom panel? I don't want to completely disable transparency, only to prevent the panel to change its looks every time my wall changes (I use slideshow).

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KDE plasma desktop:

1) Do you have the plasma widget / plasmoid "Show Desktop" on your panel ?

With it you could add the shortcut

enter image description here

2) K > Applications > Help >Application Manuals > Settings > Menu Editor

ie. with the Dolphin; Menu Editor - Advanced tab: Current shortcut key

enter image description here

is there a way to disable the transparency of the bottom panel?

Earlier: How to change color/transparency of all desktop panels?

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