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I'm using Xfce on Ubuntu 11.04; both the default clock and the Orage applet are vastly inferior to the Gnome 2 clock I was used to that lets you click and display both a calendar and timezones and weather forecasts for locations round the world; I'd like to have that functionality.

xf-applet is meant to allow Gnome panel applets in Xfce and works fine, but the clock applet is not one of those listed...

  • Why is this?
  • Is it possible to use the clock applet somehow?
  • If not, is there some equivalent Xfce thing that combines clock, multiple timezones, and weather forecasts in a single applet?
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For xfapplet to work:

Most applets were converted to use the new dbus panel applet api introduced in GNOME 2.32. Xfce only supports the old bonobo-based applets, so a lot of applets are unavailable to Xfce now. source

Thus, to get the majority of gnome-applets to work you need to download maverick packages - for example gnome-applets and gnome-applets-data (v2.30.x)

The clock-applet in gnome however is tied to the gnome-panel package. Due to the number of dependencies, it would be very difficult to downgrade to the version of gnome-panel in maverick.

I'm afraid it looks like xfce doesnt have the combined applet you want :(

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I found this page after searching some: Xfce for Gnome 2 Refugees

That page mentions xfce4-datetime-plugin, which has the calendar dropdown. There are several other nice applets in the xfce4-goodies package

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Actually the default clock now also supports a calendar dropdown as far as I can see. The shame is that it doesn't combine the weather (not for one city, and not for multiple). Anyway, living with them separately now – David Fraser Jan 15 '13 at 10:22

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