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I am using XUBUNTU.

I am using the orage calendar application set up like a widget on my desktop.

However, whenever I open any window of any application, this widget always stays on top and hides sections of the active application.

Is there a way to avoid this and make sure that orage widget always stays below the active window?

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orage calendar app

enter image description here

This is a smart lightweight calendar app perfect to keep on your desktop.

If not already installed:

orage Install orage

There are a number of options you can configure in the preferences for this application.

These are in its preferences. Choose from the menu Edit --> Preferences

Click the Display Settings tab and untick the option shown in the image:

enter image description here

Once done, any application launched or moved over Orage will not be hidden by it.

Personally I would also use the systray option in this same tab.

enter image description here

Using this option you can make the widget visible or hide it by just clicking the system-tray applet.

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