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I'm receiving an error trying to setup an IRC server with InspIRCd using gnutls for SSL connections.

  • Ubuntu Server 11.10 (Kernel 3.0.0-14-server)
  • InspIRCd-1.1.22+Azeitao r0


==> /var/log/inspircd.log <==
Fri Jan 13 12:03:44 2012: Done reading configuration file.
Fri Jan 13 12:03:44 2012: Unable to load /usr/lib/inspircd/modules/ /usr/lib/inspircd/modules/ undefined symbol: gnutls_x509_crt_get_issuer_dn
Fri Jan 13 12:03:44 2012: There was an error loading the module '': Loader/Linker error: /usr/lib/inspircd/modules/ undefined symbol: gnutls_x509_crt_get_issuer_dn

The gnutls packages that are currently on the system;

dpkg --get-selections | grep gnutls
gnutls-bin                                      install
libcurl3-gnutls                                 install
libgnutls-dev                                   install
libgnutls26                                     install
libgnutlsxx26                                   install
libneon27-gnutls                                install

inspircd.conf excerpt

<module name=""> 
<bind address="" port="6697" type="clients" ssl="gnutls">                                                                      
<ssl_cert name="cert1" certfile="/etc/ssl/certs/server.cer" keyfile="/etc/ssl/private/server.key">                                         
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The apt packages for InspIRCd are heavily out of date and are full of bugs like the one you have encountered. It is recommended you install InspIRCd from the tarball release. The latest tarball release can be downloaded from

If you have any issues feel free to visit #inspircd and chat with the developers.

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Works for me.

Perhaps your syntax is wrong?

<bind address="" port="6667" type="clients" ssl="gnutls">

<module name=""> 

<gnutls cafile="" crlfile="" certfile="/etc/inspircd/ssl.cert" keyfile="/etc/inspircd/ssl.key" dh_bits="2048">

Also, make sure you stripped your passphrase that wraps your ssl key file (so it can boot)



New Incomplete Docs:
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