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I followed the steps to get the broadcom 4331 card working on ubuntu 11.10. You know where you dont use ndiswrapper, and you patch the kernel and stuff.

Okay so i did this. Good news: ubuntu sees my card now!! I can see every wireless network ever and pick whatever one i want. So my card can FIND connections

Bad news: it cant MAKE a connection. Not even to google. It will sit there for half an hour trying and failing to connect.

I will not however that on bootup this morning i was able to establish a connection for like 3 minutes so maybe theres something in the process of booting up that interferes after it loads?

Sorry this is so long, i just wanted to be thorough.

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Have you tried with a newer kernel? like version 3.2? – Uri Herrera Jan 12 '12 at 0:11

I have no experience with a Mac, but my HP Pavilion g6 has a broadcom that behaved like that. Try issuing sudo wlconfig eth1 power off and see if that fixes it. If it works, you need to put that in /etc/init.d/ and /etc/networks/if-up.d/.

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