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I have 2 computers with 11.10 and 2 computers with 11.04. Since up grading 2 computers to 11.04 the Picasa3 "Shop" icon does not work.

When clicking on the "Shop" icon to upload/order prints a window opens from which you select the vendor (Walgreens, Snapfish, Kodak, etc) to order prints. After selecting a vendor a new "Orderprints/Login" window should open. Instead I get an error message " Failed to begin upload process. Please try again later."

Additionally in the lower right where upload progress is normally shown there is a message "Failed to download configuration file." This happens regardless of the vendor chosen. I have used Picasa 3.0 and 3.8 with the same results. The problem only began when I upgraded to 11.10.

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there is a solution to this issue. It can be found here.

The key part is :

If you've not already done so then install Wine. Now all you have to do is copying the file from /usr/lib/wine/ to /opt/ google/picasa/3.0/wine/lib/wine/ overwriting the one that's there. Picasa should now work

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