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I am trying to map keys in KWin like Meta + KP4 in Kubuntu 11.04.

If numlock is on, it gets recorded as "Meta + 4" and then works with the 4 on the main keyboard, but NOT on the keypad.

If numlock is off, it gets recorded as "Meta + Left" and then works with the left arrow on the main keyboard, but NOT on the keypad.

I want it to work on the keypad! Maybe there is some option in the keyboard settings...?

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Thanks for the lead, there was a suggestion of a workaround in it. Here it is in case anyone else runs into this:

Create ~/.Xmodmap with the following text:

keycode 87 = XF86Launch1
keycode 88 = XF86Launch2
keycode 89 = XF86Launch3
keycode 83 = XF86Launch4
keycode 84 = XF86Launch5
keycode 85 = XF86Launch6
keycode 79 = XF86Launch7
keycode 80 = XF86Launch8
keycode 81 = XF86Launch9
keycode 90 = XF86LaunchA
keycode 91 = XF86LaunchB

I also added

keycode 86 = XF86LaunchC
keycode 82 = XF86LaunchD

which is for keypad +/-.

Then run xmodmap ~/.Xmodmap. You should be able to bind the to the keys now. Also, if other keys aren't working try the utility xev, which can tell you what the keycode is for a specific key and add it in a similar way.

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This works, and I added it to run automatically on startup. Btw, I want to say neither the numbers of the numpad nor the key arrows (Bloq Num on/off) don't work at all. – Gerard Aug 19 '15 at 19:12

Maybe this is related - A bug report: Bug 183458 - Numpad (keypad) keys not mapped correctly when setting Global Shortcuts /

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