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I still can't find a way of changing the default white color of applications window backgrounds. It does hurt my eyes and I used to adjust it so easily up to 10.04.

There was this post: How to change the background colour of a window?, explaining how to tweak some things, but they don't affect the white background.

Also another sufferer tried to ask the question How to change the window color (default: white)? but it was closed! Please help.

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The problem you are facing is due to the change to gnome (and gtk) 3 , so there are not yet as many themes available.

For advice on how to manually customize your theme See How do I make a Theme from scratch for Unity?

You can try themes from

Over time more an more people will likely contribute themes to gnome.look

Sometimes the themes (from gnome look) work and sometimes they do not (I do not play with them much)

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