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It may sound strange, but I really want to copy only the existing files, so this files will be updated/overridden, and any new file will not be added.

I want to copy files of a single extension. It works well with this script line:

rsync -avm --include='*.bak' -f 'hide,! */' /Directory-to-be-backed-up/ /media/USB_stick

But I also want that the file to be copied only if it already exist in the destiny (overriding it).

For example, I have this 3 files in /tmp/a:


And this 2 files in /tmp/b:


I would like to update/override the existing files in /tmp/b using the ones in /tmp/a, but not copy any new file (like the /tmp/a/2.h).

Is there a way?

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I'd reorder your command a bit, first I'd remove the --include and instead just put the *.bak right into the source path. Next you can add --existing to copy only existing files.

One possible way to do it (not tested):

rsync -avm --existing /Directory-to-be-backed-up/*.bak /media/USB_stick
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I was going to suggest rsync ;) – bodhi.zazen Jan 11 '12 at 19:42

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