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I have installed Remmina on my Oneiric Ubuntu laptop for home RDP access to my work Windows 7 PC.

This works, I can access my work PC etc...however the performance is not what I had hoped. I am using the default settings for Remmina, and after researching through Google I have set my mouse pointers option on tehe windows 7 box to none.

Can any one else offer any advise on how to configure Remmina prefernces to optimise the performance please? Thank you

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AFAIK Remmina uses FreeRDP as its RDP backend. Since FreeRDP is under heavy development the FreeRDP version (0.8.2-2build1) in 11.10 may not be as optimized as the development versions from the FreeRDP homepage.

For high-performance (kind of) RDP connections to Windows 7 (or other RDP servers) I use rdesktop (command line) with the following settings:

rdesktop -a 16 -z -x m -P SERVERNAME
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Thank you I will give it a go – suzie Jan 16 '12 at 10:42

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