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I would like to keep a bzr repository in sync between my laptop and desktop. Is there any special tool to accomplish this, or should I just use rsync? I would absolutely love it if I could get one that would automatically synchronize and let the newer version win.

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One option would be to make the the repository in one location "bound" to the other. With this option, bzr acts more like a tradition vcs than a dvcs. Each commit in the "bound" branch is automatically pushed to its parent. Though this is generally designed with the idea that the parent will not have working trees. As I imagine you want to hack on both your laptop and desktop, that's not the case. You'll have to run bzr update for the working tree to be updated.

There is an automirror plugin that I haven't used. It hasn't been active for awhile, but it might just be feature complete.


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That is kind of the whole point of a DVCS. Just use bzr to push/pull between the two repositories.

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