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I am using eclipse on Ubuntu 11.10

When I try to open an project in eclipse IDE, it complains that the .project file can not be found. Now if I open the project folder in Ubuntu file browser and press Ctrl-H the hidden .project file is shown. After this, moving back to eclipse I can easily open the project.

I need to do this every time I login to ubuntu.

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Plz specify what JDK and Eclipse version are you using. – binW Jan 10 '12 at 8:07
Similar Q&A at Stack Overflow?… – lumbric Jan 10 '12 at 13:11

This may happen because of a bug in JDK. There is a similar question for Windows on StackOverflow but same may be true for Linux/Ubuntu as well. Try updating your JDK to the latest version and then test opening a project with hidden .project file.

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Maybe not ideal, but a quick fix would be to always show hidden files/folders. In Nautilus, in the menu go Edit>Preferences, then under the Views tab, under Default View enable Show Hidden and Backup Files. My reason for suggesting this is that you seem more interested in quickly accessing your .project file in Eclipse than care about whether hidden files show up in the file manager. Hopefully in the future Eclipse will be able to "see" hidden files automatically.

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