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I've been looking all trough through google and I've seen people with the same problem, when I'm trying to play a game (minecraft) i move with the keyboard and look with the mouse, but whenever i try and move the the touchpad locks on me, I've been searching through google and my settings but i cant find out how to get rid of this "feature" and its just making me so frustrated.

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Starting with the easiest, Go to System Settings - Mouse and Touchpad - Touchpad - and unclick Disable Touchpad while typing.

Like any troubleshooting, start with the easiest and cheapest.

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sorry but i still cant find it, I'm using windows 7 if that helps at all, and my options menus are "control panel, Devices and Printer, and Default Programs"ive looked through almost all of Control panel but found nothing at all, the mouse settings are all about the multitouch features or other useless accessories, if theres a button that says "system settings" then id love to know where it is –  reddiamond7 Jan 10 '12 at 3:41
You are on the wrong website. This is ask Ubuntu, for an operating system called Ubuntu that has nothing to do with Windows 7 or any microsoft product. –  lqlarry Jan 10 '12 at 4:12

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