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sudo: /etc/sudoers is owned by uid 1000, should be 0<br/>
Segmentation fault.

This comes up when trying to mount drives. USB, external drives , CD are unmountable, so I am unable to access any drives.

Same message comes up with sudo fdisk -l:

sudo: /etc/sudoers is owned by uid 1000, should be 0<br/>
Segmentation fault. 

Output of desktop:~$ cat /proc/partitions:

major   minor    #blocks name

   8        0  156290904 sda
   8        1  151749958 sda1
   8        2          1 sda2
   8        5    4538331 sda5
   8       16  244198584 sdb
   8       17     102400 sdb1
   8       18  244093952 sdb2
   8       32   15633408 sdc
   8       33   15633392 sdc1
   8       48    7812608 sdd
   8       49    7812592 sdd1

Seems to be permission issue that just started. Suggestions are welcome.

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i am sorry that i am unable to understand what actually you are asking will you please provide the error messages if any. or is this your problem… – VENKI Jan 10 '12 at 3:03
usb drives used to automount and show up in places. Now they don't and I am unable to mount them Now just get the segmentation fault message when I try to mount them. for example , dapper-desktop:~$ sudo su mount /dev/sda1 /mnt sudo: /etc/sudoers is owned by uid 1000, should be 0 Segmentation fault. – chris Jan 10 '12 at 3:10
possible duplicate of Changed permissions of / to user – muru Jul 12 '15 at 14:06

If you haven't set a root password explicitly, I suspect your installation will not be able to be fixed from within. Boot from an Ubuntu disk, open the volume in Nautilus, then run the following in a Terminal:

$ sudo chown root:root /media/*/etc/sudoers

I cannot fathom how you would get into this situation in the first place, though.

BTW, your question could use some copy editing, markup, and an actual question. Hence @VENKI's confusion.

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ok thanks , I'll give it a go – chris Jan 10 '12 at 3:25

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