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Is there a picture compression tool for ubuntu which can be as good as the sea monster for MS windows?

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Yes, Liquid Rescale for GIMP is a popular implementation of the Avidan-Shamir seam-carving image manipulation function.

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Is there something that can do batches of images at once. – nixnotwin Oct 25 '10 at 17:07

Looks like ImageMagick has support for Liquid Rescale. And ImageMagick is all about batches :)

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If you install the gimp-plugin-registry Install gimp-plugin-registry package in Ubuntu, it contains the "Liquid Rescale" plugin that msw mentions.

Unfortunately I don't know a simple to use batch processor for the GIMP that can use this plugin, but if you're good at scripting, the GIMP allows you to do about everything from scripting.

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