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Here is my problem: I'm using Lucid Lynx and would like to have the latest version of freeciv.

The latest version I can get without adding a PPA is 2.1.10-1, it is in one of the default sources (Don't know which, Universe or Multiverse probably). The current version is 2.3 or something.

I followed instructions on how to get up to date versions by adding ppa:kgoetz/ppa to the list of the sources. No problem here.

After reloading the sources, the version I can install is still the 2.1.10-1, the one from official sources. From the Synaptic Package Manager, I could "Force the version", but the item is disabled in the menu.

My question is: is there a way to override or select a particular source when installing a software?

This question is, of course, not limited to my particular case but to a global use of software sources.

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The kgoetz PPA doesnt have a version of FreeCiv for Lucid.

Probably the best source of opensource Lucid games - and the latest version of FreeCiv is

They have packaged v2.3.1 for Lucid - download links

enter image description here

Its probably best to stick with the "stable" versions in the repository. However, I've found that the games are actually packaged very well - and the developers behind the site are very responsive to any issues and if you contact them, usually turn around a packaging fix very quickly.

You are correct to use synaptic manager to force versions - I rarely use this option unless there is a package issue with the latest update.

Obviously, if there isnt a newer version available either through PPAs or the standard repositories - you will not be able to force versions and hence the menu option would be greyed out/disabled.

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Thanks for the answer, it worked perfectly. Thanks also for this great website! I didn't know it. – SteeveDroz Jan 10 '12 at 6:03

ppa:kgoetz/ppa doesn't have a package for freeciv, and it doesn't have packages for Lucid at all (but only packages for tweepy and creepy, both only for Maverick), see So adding it doesn't get you any new software.

In general the package manager always gets you the latest packages that available for your distribution in your software sources

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