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echo "message:hi" | zenity --notification --listen

I can click the bubble and it disappears. The zenity program keeps running until I Ctrl-C. Is there a way to "catch" the click and make some program run if the bubble is clicked before it goes away?

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The request to perform an action when you click on the Zenity notification icon is a long standing request.

According to the associated bug-report, it was proposed to perform this action when you pass a parameter like --cmd= - an example use-case was to invoke the terminal window when the notification was clicked i.e. by passing the parameter --cmd=gnome-terminal

However, this is still outstanding, awaiting for a budding coder to take this forward.

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Note: there's a fork at that supposedly deals with some of the zenity bug reports – unhammer Jan 12 '13 at 20:38

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