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In support forums, tech blogs or any other website, one may encounter some instruction similar to the following:

Type sudo apt-get install sl in a terminal window, enter your password en you should get your program.

I know the risk implied by installing additional software and I promise I will be careful. So how do I make Firefox understand that whenever it displays such a text, it should turn it into a link wich, when cliked on, will open the Software Center on the right page?

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The solution comprises two steps:

  1. connect firefox and apt-get
  2. modify apt-get install textual content of web pages into hyperlinks pointing to apt://...

Regarding the first step, there's apturl to handle hyperlinks that implement the apt:// "protocol".

Regarding the second step, you could use the greasemonkey add-on together with a greasemonkey script that modifies the page content as desired. I didn't test it myself, but there are different examples to do this only, for example the "Apt-Linker for Greasemonkey" script.

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