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My terminal choice has always been Guake, but at my job they have some Macs and I've started to use iTerm2 and I really love the split-functionality.

So I was searching for something similar in Ubuntu. I've tried with Guake + screen, but that is definitely not the same experience, because screen has to be executed as a command.

Yes, I could put it into my bash config, but if I split the screen I cannot move the scroll bar with the mouse (maybe there's a shortcut for this?). The other thing is that my bash config is completely screwed up with screen, I have a function to make an ls after each cd and another to show some info in my prompt when I enter a git repository.

Both don't work for me.

I really would like to know about a program with the iTerm2 functionalities for Ubuntu or, in the worst case, try to emulate them the most similar possible.

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Terminator does almost everything you ask of it. –  jrg Jan 9 '12 at 1:44
The problem with terminator (or at least I couldn't find it) is that doesn't have a global key to hide/show it as F12 in gnome –  Alter Lagos Jan 9 '12 at 2:46

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Even on the mac, I am using tmux! :)


To install:

apt-get install tmux
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I also use/d iTerm2. After trying out tmux, I opted for Terminator and am very happy with it.

After deciding to switch and coming to post this answer, I noticed @jrg said this also, as a comment. I posted this because I almost missed out on Terminator and don't want others to miss out on it.

I became totally dependent on split-screens, and now my addiction can rage on.

Unrelated: Add Synergy to that, and I'm amazed with my hybrid Ubuntu/Mavericks box and workflow.

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My choice of terminal is Yakuake. It has both vertical and horizontal functionality and more:

Yakuake with multiple splits


sudo apt-get install yakuake

sudo yum install yakuake
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