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The dconf System Administrator Guide says that "dconf stores its profiles in text files in /etc/dconf/profile/" but on my 11.10 Ubuntu laptop, there is no /etc/dconf directory.

Have profiles been deprecated or where are they now?

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You are not confused about which dconf you are using.

dconf takes the approach that, in the default configuration, there should be no files in /etc/. You only add files there if you want to make changes to the default configuration. For that reason it's true that /etc/dconf/ doesn't exist by default. You need to create it and populate it according to the documentation on that wiki page in order to setup profiles.

You can indicate a dconf profile in another directory. For example:

export DCONF_PROFILE=/home/user/mydconfprofile
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Thanks Ryan, that makes sense. I have abandoned using Unbuntu/Unity on the laptop, issues: no wifi indicator in systray, no hibernate/suspend and excessive power consumption. – keepitsimpleengineer Jan 27 '12 at 19:02

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