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I just discovered that zenity support html tags

zenity --error --text "hello <b>world</b>"

but how to make it work with "entry" type ?

zenity --entry --text "hello <b>world</b>"

it's printing tags instead of interpreting them

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zenity and the entry option does not support the "pango" markup options.

error, info, question, warning are the only options that support these markups.

If you examine the man page for zenity - those options can have the pango markups turned on or off.

FYI this link gives you the markups supported: http://developer.gnome.org/pygtk/stable/pango-markup-language.html

The only suggestion I can make is to make this request upstream to the zenity developers

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thanks for this clear answer –  adrenochrome Jan 29 '12 at 15:51

This is fixeable by changing the file entry.c line 101 as: gtk_label_set_text_with_mnemonic to gtk_label_set_markup, what I don't know is why is for what purpose is set to mnemonic by default.

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