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Today I tried to install the Nvidia drivers on my 11.10 ubuntu. I done everything what told on http://www.dickscheid.net/2011/10/19-cuda-ubuntu-1110/ and http://blog.ryant.org/2011/12/installing-cuda-toolkit-on-ubuntu-1110.html then i reboot now i see only title "Ubuntu" and ~5 points I cant even switch to console (ctrl alt f 1-6) anybody know what i can to do to save my ubuntu?

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Now i undestand, that can switch to console using recovery mode! but i dont know how uninstall drivers.. or cure ubuntu) –  Olya Jan 9 '12 at 6:56

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How do I install latest NVIDIA drivers?

here I got a very good answer on how to install latest drivers. Works like a charm.

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