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Possible Duplicate:
How to run logkeys

I am a kind of newbie and need to get control over my pupils, i. e. work at a youth home and have to have total control over the internet activity of some of the criminal youths over here.

How do I install logkeys for Ubuntu 11.10 Natty Narwhal and have it running from boot?

I thank you in advance.

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Quite possible the best way to get control over their Internet activity is to install a hardware appliance such as the Sonicwall TZ100. These security devices connect between the Internet gateway and the PC, and are platform independent. I am not affiliated with Sonicwall, but I do use it at a high school where I am the tech coordinator with great success. I know money is tight everywhere, but for $339 at this web site, you will not only have an Internet content filtering service, but antivirus, anti-spyware, and Intrusion Prevention for all of the computers. I recommend the TotalSecure 100.

P.S. Ubuntu 11.10 is the Oneiric Ocelot. You might want to clarify that for other answers.

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