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Basically the Camera Roll auto-upload feature does not seem to work, nothing is happening, no files exist in the "Pictures - name" folder.

I have a few questions on this:

  1. How do I know if auto uploading is actually ongoing?

  2. When will U1 File app be syncing; when app is active and/or running in background, always, other?

  3. Will it upload all photos on my Iphone, Camera Roll and Photo Stream?

  4. When I navigate the the Pictures-name folder in U1 Files and add a photo from my Cameraroll, should something happen? (as it is now, nothing happens)

  5. Could I expect U1 Files to work on IOS 5.0.1?

Sincerely Knut

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Well today, 22 days after u1 files installation was installed it finally started syncing.

U1 files seems to sync when app is in foreground.

I am still running ios 5.0.1.

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