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On my laptop Fn+F12 toggles flight mode in windows. I'd like the same functionality in Linux and am looking for the appropriate X keysym that will invoke the equivalent of rfkill block all when mapped with xmodmap.

I can see there is XF86WLAN and XF86Bluetooth, but they are not what I'm after. I want it to kill/enable all radio devices.

I'm not after the script that would do this (see here for example), but wondering if Ubuntu has this functionality already hooked up and if so, what keysym to set up in xmodmap.

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I found the easiest way to set keys is to use "key touch"

Open a terminal and enter these commands:

sudo apt-get install keytouch keytouch-editor

You should now be able to find KeyTouch under System > Administration.

  • KeyTouch-Editor - The tool to setup your keyboard by teaching it. You select your multimedia keyboards input, then press keys and identify them from a drop down list. Save the configuration file when your done and simply import into Keytouch itself.

read more enter image description here source

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