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Question: I have an SD card, with windows 7 files in it (as in any bootable DVD) and I want to use it, to install Windows7 in an Ubuntu virtualBox. How to make that happen?

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Installing Windows in a VirtualBox in Ubuntu is no different than doing so in Windows or, for that matter, than installing Windows on a real computer. Basically, you need to boot from that medium, which will start the setup program (in your case - to boot your VirtualBox, not the real machine). My point is that the question is not really related to Ubuntu. – Sergey Jan 8 '12 at 11:24

You can use genisoimage. I do use this terminal app for creating ISO images out of files.

  1. Installation: sudo apt-get install genisoimage
  2. Usage: genisoimage -o /home/nomadic/image.iso /media/sdcard
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