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How to install penetration tool on my Ubuntu 11.10 from Blackbuntu or Backtrack source and fugure out it's work or not.thank for helping

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Blackbuntu is a distribution changing quite a lot of ubuntu. But you can look to their tool list to see what packages they are using:

After you see a tool you are interested to, google it - e,g, "ubuntu install httprint".

Another way of using Blackbuntu is to install virtualbox and run a blackbuntu instance within a virtual pc. That would keep your daily working ubuntu installation clean.

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> i agree with you...its better to install on vm.. last time i have installed aircrack package on ubuntu ... it was not working properly as it is working on vm .. . so i think if u have some old pc install blackbuntu or backtrack on it ...then it will work much better then vm ... this all been tested 4 to 5 times (installing vm & as host os ) – One Zero Jan 8 '12 at 9:46

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