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I managed to botch up my eclipse installation by installing a plugin (MOTODEV studio). In an attempt to fix the problem I decided to go ahead and do a full reinstall of Eclipse. I followed the suggestion in this post to remove eclipse and delete the plugins. I also completely deleted my workspace folder to get rid of any configuration files there since all my projects were just tutorial programs.

The exact issue I'm having:

  • Help > Check for Updates
  • Some updates are listed but at the top of the dialog box just below "Available Updates" it says: "The operation cannot be completed. See the details"
  • Under details it says "There were no installable units selected when the plan was computed."
  • If I select the listed updates and attempt to install them then I get the error: "Cannot complete the install because of a conflicting dependency."

I think it must be an issue with some relics of the previous installation but I'm not sure where else to look for files to delete so I can get a clean start.

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Just figured this out; the problem is that you need to run Eclipse as root, because Eclipse needs to write in the install directory to update. An alternative (which i did) is to chown all files in the eclipse install directory to your user.


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Thank you! I honestly can't believe it didn't occur to me to try sudo when having problems INSTALLING something! Even if it was built into the application and not a stand alone installer. Thanks so much for the help. – Matt Apr 6 '12 at 4:57

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