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I tried to use xubuntu with compiz , i see a different decoration theme (very transparent) that leave TRACES all over the desktop and its annoying !!

I must have installed compiz cause if else i have tearing on video playback ! i start compiz with the command compiz --replace

Right now i have ubuntu 11.10 installed but if you know the answer i would be glad to move to something much lighter and faster.

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Compositing options are disabled when Compiz is used. Compiz in Xfce needs a window decorator. Either compile and install Emerald from source and look on for compiz/beryl themes (my personal fave is DarkAndNameless), or use gtk-window-decorator like so Using compizconfig-settings-manager, select Window Decoration and change to gtk-window-decorator ---replace --metacity-theme=Ambiance

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I use :

gtk-window-decorator ---replace --metacity-theme greybird

leaving out the "="

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