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I am using Catalyst version 11.12 from AMD's website. I have enabled Tear free desktop. When I try to use gnome shell, everything works fine, until I use an app that uses the notification area in the activities overview (ex: Desura) Gnome shell starts to lag heavily and sometimes crash/restart (shell and windows disappear for 2 seconds then comeback). Anyone have a fix?

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@j-johan-edwars The bug would be in AMD's driver. Fglrx has had serious issues with gnome shell. A few versions ago it had such severe graphical corruption you could not use gnome-shell. I was asking is there any setting I could change that would fix this, if there isn't all I can do is wait for a new driver (or get a nvidia card, which I will in the future, no more AMD for me). See: – new_user Jan 7 '12 at 19:58

Apparently AMD confirmed that the bug is gone with the release of 12.1.

Please refer to this question to remove this and install the newest version.

If the problem maintains this should be reported to AMD as a new bug for the new driver version, I do not believe there us much you can further do.

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