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I am brand new to Ubuntu. I want to have my daughter-in-law share videos of our first grandson. Can you send me instructions on how to have her upload videos so we can watch them? Thank you.

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Hello, and welcome to AskUbuntu! Did your daughter-in-law try an upload service that didn't work for you, or are you just asking what should work? If it's the first, could you name the upload service? Basically everything should work (see my answer). – Jjed Jan 7 '12 at 10:18

Ubuntu can play every commonly-used video format. Simply have the videos uploaded in the way they were before you switched to Ubuntu. I really can't imagine a technology your daughter-in-law might upload to that wouldn't work. You may be asked to install a "video codec" or player, but Ubuntu will recognize and install the required software automatically.

If you do not know how to share videos to begin, I recommend uploading to YouTube and selecting the "Unlisted" option to keep the videos private. Then you can simply watch and share the videos through your internet browser.

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