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The system crash dialog is annoying me, how can I turn it off? I'd also like to know how to turn it back on just in case I need it to report a problem.

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you need to edit /etc/default/apport


gksudo gedit /etc/default/apport


Command line:

sudo nano /etc/default/apport

Change enabled from "0" to a "1" so it looks like this:


To turn it off make it:


to turn it off at boot, and then turn it off with a sudo service apport stop

See also :

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  • Click on ubuntu icon, search for "System settings"
  • Select Privacy > Diagnostics tab
  • Unlock
  • Tick "Send error reports to Canonical"

Ubuntu 12.04 > Privacy > Diagnostics tab > Send error reports to Canonical

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This didn't seem to do anything for me, still getting system error pop ups. –  xamox Oct 11 '12 at 18:53
I had this checked, and it still wasn't sending error reports. Looks like it has to be enabled from the command line. –  colan Jan 24 at 21:51
sudo service apport stop ; sudo sed -ibak -e s/^enabled\=1$/enabled\=0/ /etc/default/apport ; sudo mv /etc/default/apportbak ~

The above script should stop apport, then take a backup of its configuration file, disable apport on boot, and lastly moves the backup to your home directory.

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