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I have installed the Gnome Schedule ( Scheduled tasks ) to automate the backup of the on Ubuntu Lucid computer. The Scheduled tasks run for one time. I added one task and then next time it stoped running. Now everytime i run the application, the icon appears for few seconds in task bar , and application stops. I tried reinstalling and rebooting computer many times but same thing happens . Any solution to this problem? I googled this problem for a long time. I couldn't find the solution for this.

I have found some comments on forum about running the application from terminal , So here it is the output of the warning when ran from terminal,

/usr/share/gnome-schedule/ DeprecationWarning: Use the new widget gtk.Tooltip
  tip = gtk.Tooltips ()
/usr/share/gnome-schedule/ DeprecationWarning: Use the new widget gtk.Tooltip
  tip.enable ()
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/share/gnome-schedule/", line 74, in <module>
    mainWindow = mainWindow.main(debug_flag, False, pr, manual_poscorrect)
  File "/usr/share/gnome-schedule/", line 257, in __init__
    self.schedule_reload ()
  File "/usr/share/gnome-schedule/", line 308, in schedule_reload
    data = ()
  File "/usr/share/gnome-schedule/", line 514, in read
    array_or_false = self.parse (line)
  File "/usr/share/gnome-schedule/", line 174, in parse
    if script[-1] == "\n":
IndexError: string index out of range


Found similar post somewhere online here.

I just don't get it , how that worked for that person in that post.

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I figure that out with trial and error and some reading on other posts. I deleted folder named similar to the application which is gnome-schedule from the home folder. That worked for me. Once the Sheduler started, i deleted all the back up folders and other errorneous tasks from the application list. The application works for now.

I don't know , what happened to the app that made it not work for some reason. I am trying read more about how to properly use the Scheduled Tasks app , so that this won't happen again.

Thanks all for reading or not. I hope my answer would help someone in similar problem in future.

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