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What is the best way to upgrade subversion to 1.6.13 on ubuntu 10.04 LTS?

Ubuntu 10.04 ships subversion 1.6.6 and important bug fix has been done for 1.6.13.

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If you absolutely need 1.6.13 now, then I suspect you would either have to:

  • Compile it from source - ask for it if you want more details.
  • Download and execute a script from WANDisco.

Both of these ways will probably be harder to maintain than necessary though.

What I would suggest would be to use the subversion ppa; its objective is to hold a (relatively) recent release of subversion. As of today, the version of subversion in that ppa does not fix the bug (CVE-2010-3315) that you are referring to (it is fixed by either 1.6.12dfsg-2 or 1.6.13). If you are interested about what is happening to the subversion package, you can take a look at that mailing list thread.

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There's a ppa you can use for more up-to-date versions: PPA

But it's still v1.6.12

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