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I'm trying to access EBSCOhost online books. It told me I needed ADE. I downloaded it and installed it within WINE. I can open ADE by itself and it appears to function. However, I don't have any e-books so I can't test it.

I even changed my Firefox preferences so that to run ACSM files "Use digitaleditions.exe". However, when I am in EBSCOhost and click on a link to see an "E-book, full text" for example, ADE doesn't open but some other unknown environment in the Firefox window.

However, the book never appears, instead, a PDF file is downloaded but it's only one page. In the unknown environment, I can click to advance a page (that still doesn't appear in the unknown Firefox page environment) and the next page down loads as a PDF. It's only 79k so I'm certain it's a single page. I just don't want to download a book one page at a time.

Any help in making ADE work within Firefox?

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