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i've tried to run the Wubi Installer on Windows XP, but it throws a really strange exception. It looks like this:

Header: 'Windows - No drive'

Content: 'Exception Processing Message c0000013 Paramters 75b0bf9c 4 75b0bf9c 75b0bf9c'

It doesn´t matter which button I press cause nothing happens. The only way to stop that annoying window is to kill the pyrun.exe process. I've also checked for an error log, like the one i found on the Windows 7 Netbook, but nothing.

Any help would be very nice.


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Review this bug. It has workarounds, like removing MMC readers, any peripheral devices not required etc. Or you can also just click cancel multiple times to get past the issue.

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Now the installer has worked perfect (except that window ;) ) Thanks for that answer – Fairiestoy Jan 5 '12 at 19:30

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