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I am using Xubuntu 11.10, and every time i reboot my computer, my settings are erased.

Namely my default Browser, Preferred Applications settings and my Touchpad settings.

Does anyone know how to make these settings permanent? Tap-To-Click is super annoying.

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Upon resuming from suspend gsynaptics-init needs to be run for each open X session, I've written a script to put in /etc/pm/sleep.d/98gsynaptics to do that automatically.

This may also effect the xsession in YOUR /home folder

consult Ubuntu Documention for detailed information as to your settings.


# Only run on resume/thaw
if [[ ${1} =~ (thaw|resume) ]] ; then

  synaptics() {

    # sleep to give time for X
    sleep 4s

    who | while read line ; do
      if [[ ${a[1]} =~ $regex ]] ; then
        init="sudo -H -u ${a[0]} DISPLAY=${a[1]} gsynaptics-init"
        eval "${init}"

  # run in background so sleep doesn't hold up resume
  synaptics &
  # disown so exiting shell doesn't kill function
  disown %1

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