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I wish to have a unmounter for my USB Drives. I use docky, and tied the in-built helper, but it displays the internal drives too. But I dont want all the drives, only those on USB.

Can't I have such an "ejecter" in the notification area?

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Check out USB Safe Removal application indicator.

indicator usb screenshot

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do you know where the setting for that app are? I changed something, and now the indicator doesnt show up. I tried re-installing , but its still not working. – theTuxRacer Oct 25 '10 at 17:54
nvm, i found it. It was in ~/.config/indicator-usb – theTuxRacer Oct 25 '10 at 18:33

There is a "drivemount" panel applet, but it shows all disks that aren't listed in /etc/fstab, so not only USB drives. So IIRC you can avoid internal drives to be shown by adding them to fstab (even if not auto-mounted). I assume the same might be true for Docky.

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