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I only have a traffic-limited mobile broadband connection at my disposal. sudo apt-get dist-upgrade wants to get ~500MB of data which is not feasible for me right now.

Hence, is it possible to only upgrade certain applications, e.g. Firefox?

I am quite aware that some libs must be upgraded as well, but 100MB a day won't hurt, 500MB do.

Basically, I want to split up the upgrade-process into little chunks over the month so I don't exceed my daily quota just by downloading updates.

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Just simply write

sudo apt-get install firefox

apt will recognize it as a request for update as firefox is already installed. It will also update the dependencies.

Works for every package, which is listed after the sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

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Nice suggestion! Works like a charm :) – GTodorov Jun 17 at 20:01

You just re-install the package, For example: if you have installed chromium-browser, when you type "sudo apt-get install chromium-browser" again, system will check if there is a new one in the repository and update it.

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