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Possible Duplicate:
How do I get a Dane-Elec mp3/mp4 player working?

My MP3/MP4 does not plug-in and play and therefore I can not transfer any file to the MP3/MP4 dane-elec music my touch or only dane-elec with 8 gb in memory and perhapses model zt1 with radio,..and microsdhc card slot

following the above link the mp3/mp4 is there and it is MP3 Player: TOUCH MY MUSIC and the complete information is on this site as the Technical Specifications

MP3 Player: TOUCH MY MUSIC The Mp4 player has a very classy. It allows its users to play music and view photos and video. His fluent interface, its touch-pad, his radio and RDS Micro SDHC reader makes him a very complete device will become the ideal musical companion.

I tried to install many applications but nothing worked.

With disk utility I can see that Ubuntu can recognize something, that as a peripheral device named rockchip usbdisk user and rockchip usbdisk sd,

and i can plug and play other devices, and only this mp3/mp4 do not connect to the computer with ubuntu and the device as no problem working disconnected to computer

I try to see if work on Windows and it does! I can see the device and transfer files to the MP3/MP4 dane-elec folder device and use FAT32. So why can not do on Ubuntu!?

What can I do and why does not work on Ubuntu? What is wrong with it?

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You need to add a file to the root partition of the device called .is_audio_file this shows the capabilities of the device. So for my Sansa clip this contains:


It is important that the file is in the root directory of the device, and the name starts with a "."

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i can not understand what i have to do or how can i do this because i do not know where to find that file .is_audio_file to add to the device and i can not open the folder of the device cause ubuntu don't recognize can you explain better – user40432 Jan 4 '12 at 17:57

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