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I have installed Ubuntu with unity by default, but compiz + java develop is less then sufficient with a ATI graphic card, so, I installed the xubuntu-desktop package.

The problem is: In Google chrome (which I use to test my web apps), when I press Ctrl+F5 (clean cache and refresh), it simply does nothing.

I think this is some issue with XFCE keyboard shortcuts.

Anyone know how to solve it?

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Generally in XFCE keyboard shortcuts the shortcut key Ctrl+F5 is configured to switch to workspace 5, if you do not have any workspace 5, then hitting ctrl+f5 wont do anything.

To resolve it goto,

Applications Menu > Settings > Settings Manager > Window Manager

check the Keyboard tab, and find the option which has Ctrl+F5 configured as short-cut key,

clear that short-cut key.

you should be able to use Ctrl+F5 key now for chrome.

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thanks, it worked! – caarlos0 Jan 4 '12 at 15:30

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