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Is a Gnome 3 fallback session without the panels, that doesn't conflict with unity possible on a live CD?

On an installed system it works when I write a *.session in /usr/share/gnome-session. But on a live CD that doesn't work, because Ubuntu will load Unity.


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Make a custom live iso using a tool like Relinux.
A helpful guide for using it is Here.
Configure your os as you see fit, add/remove apps and configure settings. Then, to have those settings be used as default you need to copy them to /etc/skel but leave out any big files you don't need as to keep the iso size down below 4gb, or else it won't work.
In a terminal, run sudo cp -r . /etc/skel/ then gksu gedit /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf and make sure the line user-session= says the name of the session you want as default. Then you can go ahead and follow the instructions for using Relinux

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Thx for the answers . is a good guide too. The lightdm tip was really helpful. Awn settings are only gconf values. =) – user43787 Mar 4 '12 at 11:22

The LiveCD doesn't include a GNOME3 or GNOME3 Fallback session, which is why it won't load it and it'll just fallback to Unity.

If you want a Live CD that does this you'll have to make a custom one with the session you want already installed on it.

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