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I currently use two computers, one is windows 7 and mainly for gaming, and the other is running 11.10, when i was on Steam browsing today i noticed that at the bottom of the steam page you can click on a drop-down named "tools" and under it it says "Linux HLDS update tool" clicking on it brings up a download.

Does anyone know what this is for? Is this a patch for a Steam-Linux application that i am unaware of?

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HLDS stands for Half-Life Dedicated Server: afraid it's nothing to do with running Steam on Linux, just running a server for Half-Life 2 engine-based games (Counter-Strike, TF2, etc).

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As far as I know, you can install Steam on Ubuntu 11.10 using Wine and here is a guide on it:

How can I run Steam?

And here is how games work (Left 4 Dead 2):

Or you can take a look at Desura, a Steam-like games platform that supports officially Linux:

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