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I installed Ubuntu in my Acer Aspire 5315 but now the cooler doesn't work anymore! I already read a lot of forums and I tried many suggested solutions but they didn't work. I already tried with the laptop-mode-tools, to enable the laptop-mode in the acpi-support file, to upgrade the kernel, and a few others.

I managed to start the cooler but it works only sometimes and it doesn't depend on the temperature. And when I restart my computer the cooler doesn't work again and then I don't have the possibility to change the settings again because all of them are already set to be "on".

The only solution that I didn't try is to flash the BIOS, because I'm not an expert and I read that this is quiet dangerous for the motherboard.

Does anybody know any other solution? I want to stay in Ubuntu but my laptop can't work longer than 15 minutes!

Thank you very much!

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There is this bug, now closed because it was opened for Karmik, that is not supported anymore, and I think you should open a new one for Ubuntu 11.10:

I think you can find a temporary solution using acer_fancontrol, as suggested here:

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