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I followed the great advice given to me earlier, and installed a FreeNX server on my office computer (Fedora) and NoMachine's client on my laptop (Ubuntu 11.10). This indeed works great, accept for two problems:

  1. All software works great, including MATLAB, but Mathematica refuses to open. It also refused to do so over X. Here's the error message: mathematica error message
  2. I can't close the session. It doesn't bug too much because I can kill it from the console or through nomachine's session administrator, but neither the close button nor Alt-F4 don't work. Maybe this means that I didn't configure everything as I should have?
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You could try to install the package mathematica-fonts on your laptop, to resolve the first problem.

As to the second, I remember to have problems me too, but cannot remember just now the solution, probably the shortcut Ctrl-Q.

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I'll try. But I have mathematica on my laptop so it's weird that this package is not already installed. – yohbs Jan 3 '12 at 23:01
I just realised how silly that sounds. Eventually I'll have to give up my laptop license and use only my office's one. That's why I need to run it remotely although I have it locally. – yohbs Jan 3 '12 at 23:03

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