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I remember that I could do this by messing with input devices at the sound configuration menus, but it doesn't work anymore. I want to make the default input be a virtual mic that's the sound that's coming out of the speakers, while still being able to listen to it.

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This solution allows you to record what you're hearing, but I don't know how to make it a default setting for anything. The instructions, updated for 11.10:

  • Install gnome recorder and volume control: sudo apt-get install gnome-media pavucontrol
  • Start recording: gnome-sound-recorder and click on the record button
  • Start your audio program
  • Set record source: pavucontrol and open the Recording tab and pick the monitor interface of your output pavucontrol

It seems that the gnome recorder defaults to that device afterwards, but I don't know if this persists across boots (or is indeed what you wanted).

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