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Sometimes applications will wiggle in the launcher and have a blue triangle. (See compiz config settings for Unity.)

How can I set a keyboard command to bring that application to the front in Ubuntu 11.10? I had it set in 11.04, but I don't remember how.

This is useful when programs open in the background or if you activate them from another app. (I have an alias to send files to a single gvim instance from Terminal instead of opening them in their own window. When gvim gets the file, it wiggles but doesn't gain focus.)

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With the compiz-plugins-extra package installed (which isn't in the default install), there's an "Extra WM Actions" that has a "activate demanding attention window" keybinding.

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unfortunately I couldnt bind my 4th mouse button, so I bound the before useless PAUSE key, thx! :) – Aquarius Power Nov 18 '14 at 19:09

I found this answer helpful too.

It's not a hotkey, but it helps raise items to the foreground automatically when urgent.

In particular, I found this helped after a recent update when Ubuntu was failing to cycle windows correctly when using Alt+Tab.

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